There are widely used in animal husbandry, medical, scientific research, industry and other sectors which provide good loading tools for the storage, transportation, supplement of liquid nitrogen.

  • Product Introduction
  • Product Parameter
  • Product Feature

● Product Overview:


The self-pressurized liquid nitrogen container uses a small amount of liquid nitrogen vaporization in the tank to generate pressure, so that the container can automatically discharge liquid nitrogen, thereby supplementing other containers with liquid nitrogen. It is mainly used for transporting and storing liquid media, and can also be used as a cold source for other refrigeration devices. It can be equipped with liquid nitrogen tank monitoring terminal and monitoring software, which can realize remote transmission of liquid nitrogen level and pressure data, realize low liquid level and over pressure remote alarm, and can also remotely pressurize and control rehydration. Currently widely used in the mold industry, animal husbandry, medicine, semiconductor, food, low temperature chemical, aerospace, military and other industries and fields.

● Product Feature :

High strength stainless steel

Unique tank structure, safe and stability

High strength and large rollers, easy to move

KF seal neck is optional

Double safety valve structure to ensure the products use safety