Liquid nitrogen ice cream system


Technical features of liquid nitrogen ice cream machine:

PLC control/hd touch LCD display intuitive, operable.

The use of efficient vacuum liquid nitrogen insulation pipe to ensure the use of the minimum liquid nitrogen consumption.

Low temperature solenoid valve imported to ensure the service life.

System operation and control parameters can be set accurately. It can be set according to different kinds, tastes and temperatures of materials. It needs time to make, precise control to ensure consistency.

Continuous self-monitoring of the system through the alarm indicator.

Vacuum liquid nitrogen insulation pipe can be directly connected with liquid nitrogen self-pressurized container, can be directly plug, convenient for users to add liquid nitrogen.

Compact shape and simple installation for any customer.

When the machine is running, it can be very simple to adjust the amount of liquid nitrogen, touch screen has an adjustment button.

Can be used for all-weather production.